Hadoop Trainings

An Overview

Why get Hadoop trained?

With the growing usage of Apache Hadoop as the preferred platform for big data analytics across industries, the need for IT professionals with expertise in operating Hadoop clusters is on the rise. The power and flexibility of this platform also presents proven opportunities to develop new data-driven services on Hadoop and HBase, making "Hadoop developer" one of the most sought after skills in the software industry. The time to be Hadoop trained is now!

Advantage of getting Hadoop trained by GrayMatter?

GrayMatter has a proven history of working on comprehensive BI and analytics deployments along with the Apache Hadoop ecosystem. This experience has assisted GrayMatter to benchmark performance across generations of software and hardware changes and expertise in optimizing Hadoop for enterprise big data deployments. Among a growing number of analytics customers who take advantage of GrayMatter’s Hadoop competency , we offer foundation in Hadoop concepts and operational skills which offer:

  • Unique insights that assist you to tune, secure, and manage your Hadoop deployment
  • Gathered and distilled from years of experience in deploying and optimizing Hadoop and HBase for customers across geographies
  • Based on expertise in optimizing the full Hadoop stack, from Hive and MapReduce applications through Java to Linux on server, storage, and networking hardware Deploying a Hadoop cluster

Listed below are some of the courses on Hadoop which GrayMatter has designed and are open to specific customer requirements which can be easily tweaked per need and fulfilled

  • Hadoop Concepts and Architecture ( 1 day Theoretical )
    • History of hadoop
    • What problem Hadoop trying to solve
    • How problem statement influence the architecture
    • How and where it can be used inside your company
    • Hadoop Eco System

Intended audience : Project Managers, Technical Managers, Project Sponsors

  • Writing MR jobs ( 2 day - Hands on)
    • Hadoop components and Architecture (Theory)
    • Writing MR code in java - uses of Mapper, Reducers, Combiner, Global Counter
    • Submitting and Tracking the job

Intended audience : Developers
Pre Requisitive - java coding experience, Distributed architecture aware


Writing pig scripts to use join, co-join, aggregation, logical operator, pig loads, pig utilities, piggy bank

Intended audience :ETL Developers, Data Scientist

Pre Requisitive -Scripting language experience


Writing Hive CLI to creat tables, join, cojoin, aggregation, indexes, bucket

Intended audience :SQL Developers, Data Integrator, Cube Designer

Pre Requisitive -RDBMS experience


Writing Hbase code to load tables, fetch data,

Intended audience :Data Engineers

Pre Requisitive -Unix scripting experice

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